Pastor's Message


Our Pastor Fr. Michael Favero


Installation of Father Mike
Installation of Father Mike
As Pastor of the Catholic Church of the Ascension I would like to wecome you to our faith family in worship. We come from different parts of the world. We have our unique characteristics and identity formed by our culture and society. We are all different. Yet we are the same in many ways. Our identity is that we are God's beloved children. God loves us unconditionally regardless of our colour, language, gender, culture, and race. In God's eyes we are all the same.
When we gather together for Mass, we are one body. We have one Faith, one Lord, one Baptism. We are one family of God, one community of believers. Each of us is important in our spiritual community. We have something to share. Just your presence is precious and valuable.
Come and celebrate your gifts of faith, differences, and uniqueness. The door is always open for you to volunteer and participate in our parish activities. We would be delighted to have you enrich us with your experiences, gifts, and talents. Let us journey together in this life towards our eternal goal. I would be delighted to welcome you to join us at our daily and Sunday Mass. Ascension Parish is your home until we all meet again in heaven, our eternal home.
If you need further details, please do not hesitate to contact the church office.  
Sincerely yours in Christ,
Fr. Michael Favero