Newcomers Arrive!


Dear Parish Family

This is an update on our Newcomer Family who finally arrived on April 17, 2018. We have all our Parish to thank for your prayers and support over the past three years.


Our welcoming party pictured above was attended by NDP MP Gord Johns who assisted us tremendously in cutting thru the red tape and getting our family on a plane and into our Parish.

We are all grateful for his support.


At present our Volunteers are assisting Toma, Sahar and Angel in adjusting to their new life in Parksville.  Driving them to English lessons, babysitting Angel and taking them to appointments.


Our present Committee consists of: Dennis Bellivieau co-chair, Dale Niwa- Treasurer, Jack Chambers-Secretary and Volunteer Coordinator, Bridget Fairhurst and Carol Low Family needs

coordinators and me Sandi Digras Chair.


We all want to thank Joan Shackley and Dr. Richard Arnold for their work in preparing for our family’s arrival. Joan is moving to the mainland and Dr.

Arnold has resigned for personal reasons.


Toma is working part-time at McDonalds and doing gardening work. Both are taking English lessons each day and are making excellent progress. Angel at age 2 watches English TV and can understand quite a lot of English.


The CWL has welcomed Sahar as a member at our June Pot Luck and we feel sure she will be helpful and welcomed at their upcoming meetings and events.


The family attends Sunday Mass either on Saturday evening or Sunday at 10:30. Feel free to welcome them to our Parish family.


We will continue to move forward in helping our family to adjust to this wonderful new life.


God bless you all for your love and on-going support.

Sandi Digras

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