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The Refugee Sponsorship Committee (RSC) of The Church of The Ascension
Good Evening/Morning everyone. On behalf of the Refugee Sponsorship Committee, I would like to present a brief update regarding our sponsorship family.
Our beloved Father Karam has been in touch with our family and informs us that Toma, Sahar and their now 2-year old daughter Angel still await their visas. Their file with the Canadian government remains “in progress”, with best estimates at 2 or more months before a date of departure is decided and tickets issued.
In preparation for their arrival, we humbly request your assistance with two key elements fundamental to their initial success:
-the first and most essential is housing. With so little for rent at any price, we appeal to any parishioner who might have, or know of a 2-bedroom rental property in town in the range of $800 - $1000 a month, available for up to 2 years. Please contact any member of the committee with any leads or offerings you have in this regard. This is by far our biggest challenge.
-secondly, are any of you dear brothers and sisters involved in a business that could employ Tomas part time while he embarks on english language courses? This will allow for some training and some sense of income for his family in the immediate. Again, please contact any member of our committee with any opportunities you may have.
In the meanwhile, my dear friends, please continue to pray for the safe arrival and good health of what will soon be the newest members of our faith community. God bless you all for your generous spirit and constant support. Soon enough we will see the fruits of God’s will and your loving resolve.
Have a wonderful Sunday and thank you again for all you’ve done.


By Fr. Karam Alraban

I am writing to advise of the current status of the Parish's Refugee Sponsorship Committee.

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I would like to extend my gratitude for your continued generosity and kindness in assisting with our Refugee
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Parksville's Church of Ascension is trying to raise $40,000 to sponsor a refugee family from Syria or Iraq. Alraban said the process is expected to take about six months.

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